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You should be DANCING

Join the Guru and turn the volume on for an exceptional urban experience in the heart of Tel Aviv.


We will sing, dance, laugh - and enjoy all the things that our body and soul need in this current time. One of the most powerful experiences in Israel with high levels of fun guaranteed!

Tell me more about Guru Zuzu

We are passionate about music, fun and moving our body, and our goal is to spread playfulness, fun and laughter in Israel. 

The city is our playground and every personal encounter is an opportunity to meet the good around us.

Want a private event? or an event for your organization?

You can have it in Hebrew, English, Italian, Russian - you name it!

סיור של גורוזוזו בתל אביב

So reach out to us for more information

We got it! We will contact you soon.

יצירת קשר
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